Future 2020, Cars Connected


Produced by The Future Index for the 2013 CASE Europe Annual Conference in Manchester, Future 2020 Vision is a 7 minute look at the trends and innovations shaping the future world. From hover trains to hologram TV, from the rise of China to population explosion in Africa, and from global energy shortages to crowd sourcing challenges to find planet-saving answers. Everything you see is being planned, prototyped, developed or already in operation. Music is 'Space Shanty' by Leftfield. All images are sourced from online news trawls and a list of all images & links are available. For all the latest trends & future inspiration in the higher education world check our link packed summaries. A special mention for 'Thought for Food' (providing 3 of the images) - an inspiring example of a next generation student-led challenge to feed the world in 2020 and beyond.